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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The Jaltest expert mode is a customer’s responsibility statement over the functions and operations of the tool. The expert mode signature is necessary for the safety of the final user.

From Jaltest, we always try to continuously improve our services, offering our customers certain solutions that allow them to save time and effort when handling our tool and using our services.

That is why we have improved the access to the expert mode. From now on, the agreement is on the website!

Expert mode confirmation steps:

The expert mode code has been modified in Jaltest Soft version 12.3. Jaltest users must obtain their new expert mode code from the Jaltest website, using the “Expert Mode” menu and following the steps indicated.

In Jaltest Soft, within the menu “JalTest Link -> Activate Expert Mode”, the screen below will show up warning about the change and providing a link for the user which will take him to the Jaltest website. With his user and password, he will be able to access the website in order to obtain the new expert mode code.

The message that the users will see on the update area regarding the expert mode change will appear on the area where the innovations of the version are indicated, right above the download links.

In the new Jaltest website, there is a messaging area where the customers receive messages from Cojali, informing about new Software versions, promotions…

The message will be automatically sent via SMS to the cell phone number indicated. It will be sent to the e-mail address provided as well.

Jaltest: A handy and workshop-oriented tool

Liudmila Mishova, Export department

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