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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Jaltest Presents J-TDO (Trailer Diagnostics On-Board)

Jaltest Multibrand Diagnostics presents a new revolutionary product, J-TDO (Jaltest Trailer Diagnostics On-Board), easy on board diagnostics for trailers with an Android device. A specific high performance interface which controls the EBS trailer functions, measurements and every diagnosis data.
The interface is connected to the EBS trailer module and is adapted to the control units from Wabco, Knorr-Bremse and Haldex. The installation is easy and compatible with GIO.
J-TDO is an independent and versatile device comprising a great trailer information source that will be displayed in your Smartphone, thanks to your App Android.
By acquiring J-TDO, you will have a Google Play application for Smartphones and Tablets where all the diagnosis data related to the trailer will be displayed via Bluetooth: errors reading, measurements, pressures or mileage.

J-TDO has an added-value for trailer manufacturers, since it is the only one in the market it offers an exclusive solution.


J-TDO can send information, both to Jaltest Telematics and to other telematics applications from other manufacturers. This way, additional functions are offered to improve the trailer maintenance, thus optimizing the Fleet.
In this way, within Jaltest Telematics Project, Cojali offers the JTCU control unit, a product that, along with the J-TDO, allows the location of the trailer on route, knowing its state and performing diagnosis in real time.
For further information, our distribution network and Customer Service Department are at your disposal.


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