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Friday, June 17, 2016

Jaltest Telematics. Telematics, Diagnosis y and Fleet Management, just one solution.

Jaltest, the most important diagnostics brand for commercial vehicles in Europe develops a new project, Jaltest Telematics. A leading solution in the sector for truck, trailer, bus or light commercial vehicles. Jaltest Telematics-ODF exclusively offers the possibility of performing remote multibrand diagnosis, as well as a complete analysis of the vehicle status based on such diagnosis. This option represents a new milestone in the Telematics context and the automotive sector, being the base to introduce new and important factors.

Technically, it is basically an online solution, which allows the access from any device with Internet (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.). There are three types of users: the fleet manager, the workshop and the driver, establishing communication channels among the different actors by sending notifications via SMS, e-mail or using the web portal.

This solution is flexible, adapting to the clients’ interests. It is possible to control the opening of doors, the temperature inside the trailer, the load or any other relevant parameter. Following a proactive philosophy, this reading of sensors is translated into warnings, in the form of “alarms”, so the fleet manager is always aware of the status of the goods and the fleet. It is also possible to set alarms by location, date, mileage and diagnosis error.

This solution also offers the option of performing a preventive maintenance on all vehicles. This kind of management will optimize and make the vehicles of the fleet more profitable.

In order to get the higher efficiency of vehicles, minimizing maintenance costs, downtimes and improving the driving, the system offers a wide range of reports about speeds, brakes, consumptions, idle… which will determine the correct operation of the vehicle, the path to choose and the driving efficiency.  

Jaltest Telematics-ODF, the best option to optimize the commercial vehicle fleet.

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