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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Evolution and development reflected in our equipment

The great transformation undergone by our company over the past years is no secret. Since the Cojali Group decided to take part in the diagnosis world, the development of our company has increased largely over the last decade.

This growth is obvious not only in our facilities and in our great family (we are more than 300… knowing everyone is getting difficult), but also in the evolution of our products, which have grown up and adapted to the technology, design and potential in each step of our company’s path.
Therefore, looking back let us see the principles that made our company grow and encourage us to carry on, seeking to stand out in the sectors we are involved in by innovating and developing our products the best way we can in order to always benefit our customers. The best part is that we keep on along the same line, with the evolution and development as our main goals

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