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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jaltest ETM

What to do when the diagnosis process shows errors about EBS modulators?  How to check rapidly if the modulator is faulty?

Your pleas have been listened! Jaltest presents the ETM, the Jaltest Soft additional module used to verify and test EBS modulators in trucks. Our new ETM module is embedded into Jaltest Soft from the version 12.3 (third update in 2012).
Jaltest offers a comprehensive package of hardware to test a wide range of references in electronic modulators.

How to use the ETM in three simple steps:

STEP 1: Introduce the reference number of the modulator. A smart search toolbar helps to find the modulator. 

STEP 2: Connection information. Which cable is needed and where it must be fitted.

STEP 3: To establish communication with the modulator the user must select the modulator settings.

ETM, EBS Test Module functions
  • Manual activation
  • Checking of speed sensors
  • Checking of wearing pads sensors
  • End of Line Test

Take the guessing out of it and save time and money by checking the Electronic Modulators on the vehicle before replacing it.
As always, Jaltest cares about our users, the market requires something more, new products and better services, and here is where we want to make the difference with our partners, reaching new challenges with you.

Drive with us!
Florián Morcillo

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